Tallgrass Custom Wood Products

    Last Updated 13 March 2017

Custom Sawing*

Sawing lumber owned by the customer is conducted at an hourly rate of $60.

Client-shares (e.g., 50:50) are also an option for custom sawing.

*metal within the log or lumber (e.g., hidden nails) as well as excessive dirt can damage saw blades.  The customer is responsible for providing logs or lumber free of metal or excessive dirt.  Damage to saw blades and associated down time repairing the saw or cleaning the wood will be an additional $40 per incident.

Conservation Planning and
Forest Management Consultation

Tallgrass Custom Wood Products provides a full range of stewardship planning and consultation services.  Fees are negotiated for each project based primarily upon the size of the area and the level of information desired. 

Short-term assessments and consultation such as timber marking and potential harvest assessment, timber stand improvement (TSI) projects, natural resource inventories, damage and restoration appraisals, and ecological and biodiversity surveys are provided for individuals and organizations.

Long-term strategic planning is provided for landowners interested in sustaining economic and recreational benefits from the natural resources on their properties.  Specifically, we employ a 5-step adaptive management approach as follows:

  • (1) conduct resource assessments (e.g., timber inventories and wildlife surveys) to gather baseline information,
  • (2) identify landowner goals and objectives,
  • (3) develop a site-specific strategic plan to meet goals and objectives,
  • (4) design a long-term monitoring program for measuring implementation, and
  • (5) revise and update the plan periodically as new information becomes available.

Standing Timber and Reclaimed Lumber

Tallgrass Custom Wood Products does not typically purchase standing timber, individual logs or reclaimeded lumber. However we will work with the seller to recommend or facilitate logging, demolition or hauling services.
Free Community Services

Tallgrass Custom Wood Products promotes "tree-cycling" in urban forests and residences as an alternative to firewood or depositing logs in landfills.  Specifically, we accept logs from tree removal services or homeowners and convert them into lumber.  Trees with nostalgic value or unique qualities (e.g., rare species or unusual characteristics) are particularly desireable.  Similarly, we reclaim boards and beams that might otherwise be discarded.

Tallgrass Custom Wood Products participates in the early detection of deleterious invasive species and diseases by monitoring for thousand canker disease (TCD) in walnut and emerald ash borer (EAB) in green ash. 

Custom Kiln-drying

Tallgrass Custom Wood Products now offers kiln-drying at a rate of $0.50/BF for lumber we saw and $0.75/BF for 4/4 boards from elsewhere.  Lumber is typically air-dried below 28% MC before kiln-dried to 6-8% MC.
We now offer custom kiln-drying services.
Storm Damage Assessment
Conservation Planning
Wildlife Surveys
Biodiversity Assessments
Purchase Wood
Dimensional Lumber