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    Last Updated 13 March 2017

Osage-orange Compost Bin
Rough Cut (FAS), Flat Sawn (4/4 x 6" x 8')
 and Green Lumber
Osage-orange (Hedge) and Black Locust Lumber
Lumber and Products

Tallgrass Custom Wood Products is one of the few sawmills producing lumber from Osage-orange (also called "hedge") and black locust trees.  Osage-orange is the hardest and longest lasting wood of any native tree in North America.  Similarly, black locust is extremely durable and naturally resistant to insect damage and rot.  Both species are uniquely suited for organic garden structures such as compost bins and raised-beds.  Other outdoor uses include planters, decking, backyard furniture, fencing, children's play sets, and landscape timbers.  This lumber is a safe and sustainable alternative to synthetic products and the environmental contaminants associated with treated lumber, such as arsenic.
Please contact us to check the availability of species and dimensional lumber.
Osage-orange Compost Bin
We now offer kiln-dried lumber.
     Species                                                  Price/board-foot*

  Ash, green                                                          $2.75

  Cedar, eastern red (aromatic)                            $2.50

  Cherry, black                                                      $4.50

  Coffeetree, Kentucky                                          $3.50

  Cottonwood, eastern                                          $2.00

  Elm, American                                                    $2.25

  Hackberry                                                           $3.00

  Hickory, smoothbark                                           $3.00

  Honeylocust                                                        $2.50

  Locust, black                                                           **

  Maple, silver                                                        $2.25

  Mulberry, red                                                       $4.00

  Oak Group, Red
      Oak, black                                                       $3.00
      Oak, northern red                                            $3.00
      Oak, pin                                                           $3.00

  Oak Group, White
      Oak, bur                                                          $3.00
      Oak, chinkapin                                                $3.00

  Osage-orange (hedge)                                           **

  Pecan                                                                  $3.00

  Pine, Austrian (knotty)                                         $2.00

  Sycamore                                                            $3.00

  Walnut, black                                                       $4.00

*based on the size (dimensions) and quality (grade) of lumber. Add $0.25 for each 1/4 in thickness beyond 4/4, and 1 inch in width beyond 6".  Kiln-dried lumber is an additional $0.50/board-foot.  Live-edge and boards longer than 8 feet are also priced separately.

**Osage-orange and black locust lumber is priced separately.

We now  accept credit cards.